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Lake Orta is the ideal destination for a family weekend, with friends, or for gatherings and participation in major sporting events organized in the area of the Lake District. It is a place outside the usual busiest routes, to visit in every season thanks to the mild climate and the wide choice of winter and summer activities offered by the territory and by tour operators in collaboration with Camper Area Lake Orta.

Always open, even at night. The camper area of the Municipality of Omegna is open 24 hours a day. Yyou enter immediately and pay at the end of your vacation. The area is fully automated and guarantees an all-inclusive service.

The area is set up for the disposal of wastewater from your camper. If you only need this service you can pay a limited fee without having to stop in our car parks. Respect nature and always use areas predisposed for the disposal of sewage.

Each pitch has access to the electric turrets. You can top up your water tank for free. Use water responsibly, avoid waste.
Pets of any size are welcome in our camper area. If you have an animal bring it with you and make sure you have read our rules.

Area usage tutorial

How to enter and enjoy all the services offered.
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Camper area rates

Automatic payment at the cash desk with a card issued at the entrance, no deposit is required before leaving the camper area. Payment at departure. The card gives you access to all the services listed.
In case of loss/breakage of the card, an additional cost of 25 euros will be applied, in addition to the regular stay.

It is not a parking lot per hour!
All users are reminded that BOOKING IS NOT PERMITTED.
Caravans, trailers, tents are NOT allowed.

Rate for 12h
01-09 / 30-06
low season
€ 10,00
July and August
high season
€ 15,00

All public holidays and long weekends are also considered high season.
The adjacent days, including weekend days, have the same high season rate.

(Easter, 1st May, 25th April, 2nd June, 15th August, 1st November, 8th December, 26th - 27th December - Christmas and 1 st January )

Services and equipment fìof the camper parking area

New Recycling Depot

We take care of everything, especially the environment!
Within the Camper Area we have positioned an ecological area for separate waste collection. We invite you to differentiate papers, glass, plastic, aluminum, batteries, oils and wet.

  • What is the point of waste sorting
    Waste sorting makes it possible to recycle the waste. This means that through a process of conversion and transformation, the waste that we generate can be used to create new products: an excellent alternative to the classic (and highly polluting) solution of landfill!
  • How to waste sorting
    All useful information for users on the website